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Ginger Gold



 This apple is tart and juicy with a crisp white flesh.  If you like tart apples you may want to try this one.  It is excellent for eating fresh and is also good for applesauce or apple butter.

Paula Red



  Empire is a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious and takes on the best qualities of both. It is redder and firmer than McIntosh and has a longer storage life. It has a white juicy flesh.  It combines the mild tartness of McIntosh with full-flavored Red Delicious sweetness. It is an improved Macintosh that has a longer shelf life and better flavor. It is excellent for fresh eating, in salads, and for use in baking and cooking.




  Usually medium to smaller in size with pinkish-red stripes over a yellow background. It has a sweet flavor that is excellent for snacks and salads. Galas have gained much popularity over the past few years.  





 It has a dark red color and a bright white flesh. It has a sweet flavor with a hint of wine taste. It is used for cooking or eating.



Early Fuji

They ripen about a month and a half before the late Fuji. The flavor is sweet and crisp just like the later Fuji, but it doesn’t store as well as the later Fuji. Excellent for snacks.




 This is an exceptionally crisp, sweet-tart and juicy apple.  It has a well-balanced flavor. This apple stores well. We make a cider just out of this apple that is a must try.




 The heart-shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes striped.  Firm, crunchy, and sweet flavor makes it excellent for eating fresh as a snack or in salads.  This is the world's most widely planted apple and favorite snacking apple.


Red Delicious

 This juicy, orange-tinted apple has a tangy-sweet flavor. It is great for fresh eating and for cooking.  It is becoming the world’s most preferred eating apple. This apple makes a great apple pie.



Golden Delicious

This apple has a firm white flesh and it retains its shape and flavor when baked or cooked.  This is one of the best grown varieties in North Carolina.  Because of our climate this apple gets extremely tasty here.  This apple is hard to beat when eaten right off the tree.  Although, many people prefer tart apples such as Granny Smith, Stayman, and Macintosh for cooking, we prefer this apple because you don't have to use as much sugar in your recipes. This apple is our choice for cooking, eating, drying, and making fried apple pies.



Granny Smith

 Green, extremely tart, crisp, juicy and versatile. Grannies are a favorite of Washington state pie-bakers. They’re also excellent for snacking and salads. Warm days and cool summer nights ensure crunch and flavor for October harvest.



Rusty Coat

There are sweet rusty coat apples and tart rusty coat apples. We have both available in season. This apple is an old variety that has a sweet and crisp flavor.




 This is a crisp, firm, yellow apple with a red blush.  It has a longer shelf life than the Golden Delicious and does not bruise as easily as the Golden. It is also a little more tart than the Golden Delicious.  It has a firm texture with much flavor. It is an excellent all-purpose apple.




 This apple is juicy with a moderately sweet flavor.  It is light green to yellowish white in appearance with a white firm flesh.  This apple is crunchier and more tart than a Golden Delicious. This apple is great for applesauce, apple butter or just eating fresh.



Magna Bonum

  Magna Bonum is medium to sometimes large in size. It is used for snacking and cooking.



Pink Lady ®

  We first planted this variety in 1996 and it has grown in popularity ever since. It is a crisp apple and has a sweet/tart flavor. This apple is delicious in our Pink Lady® cobbler recipe. Since this apple has such a great flavor we also use just that apple in a Pink Lady cider, which is a must try.  This apple is an excellent keeping apple that stays firm and keeps it’s flavor. Our Pink Lady dried apple is great for a snack.




 This apple is called the Brushy Mountain Limbertwig because it is indigenous to the Brushy Mountain area. It is a small, tart apple with a lot of flavor. It keeps extremely well in storage.



Arkansas Black

  This apple has a tart flavor when first picked, but in storage it mellows out. This apple can be used for cooking or fresh eating.




 This apple has a sweet/tart flavor that is all its own. It is crisp and full of flavor.

 The fruit is golden yellow, medium to large size, smooth, sweet and only mildly tart.  The flesh is white to creamy, with good storage life for an early season picking apple.  Great for salads or snacks, won't discolor when sliced.  Great for apple sauce or apple butter.




 This apple has a unique spicy rich flavor with a firm texture. This apple is tart but not as tart as a Granny Smith. It has a tart flavor without the puckering tartness like a Granny Smith. It is great for a snack with peanut butter. It holds up very well in storage.




 Cameo has a sweet-tart flavor and firm texture.  It has a red stripe over a creamy colored background.  It is a crisp and juicy apple that is excellent cooking and eating fresh.  Fuji lovers will enjoy this apple.

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This apple is good for eating fresh and for cooking.  It has a firm and crisp flesh and a tart flavor. This is one of our most popular apples for cooking.  This apple stores well. Our Stayman dried apples are great for a fried apple pie.

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Red Rome

Crisp, white flesh that is sometimes streaked with red. This apple is good for baking, drying or just eating fresh. It keeps well in storage. The flavor is richer when used in baking.

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This apple is great for a snack. It is sweet and crisp. It keeps well in storage.